Axant in a nutshell
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Just in time

Our story

Founded in early 2007 by talented and smart researchers of Turin's Polytechnic and other professionals with deep experience in innovation and hi-tech fields, Axant mitigates founder's experties from free software and academic environment into business reality, with truely innovation.

Axant is a neologism to express our special way to develop software. That is doing simple things efficiently. Axant follows agile methodologies refined over years to accomplish tasks as accurate as possible within defined timeframes, hence our Just In Time's motto. Axant is also proud of "always deliver". Some of our specialties are:

  • Multimedia Streaming
  • Web Development
  • Web Hosting
  • Mobile Development
  • Consulting
  • Ad Hoc Development
  • Infrastructure Management


Axant s.n.c. 

A: Corso San Maurizio 19 Turin 10124 Italy | M: | P: +39 011 2341 6160 | F: +39 011 412 1756 | VAT 09733770011 | @axant_it