“Empowering your business and turning
your idea into the right tailor made solution
design, architecture, platform, web or mobile app
we ensure it with a successful life.”

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    "I love it when a plan comes together" cit. Nothing is more true than a good job comes with a good plan. We put a special effort and all our experience to estimate and suggest the best way to reach the objective goal. This phase is done with the product owner directly and allows to have a big picture of the overall effort.

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    Our ultimate focus is to create and craft the perfect product. No one more than us cares about what we deliver. We share all the aspects of the projects with the product owners. They are invited to be involved and present as much as they want. So our process allows the flexibility to decide how much this effort could be… lightweight or not

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    AXANT care about feedbacks. So we need to gather them. This is exactly our approach in the methodology that let us plan and build the project in a continuous iterative evolution. We are adaptive, we plan adaptively and we craft products, taking previous data in consideration.

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    We take care of our projects and your products as a child. We never let them completely go. On top of traditional preventive and planned maintenance, we also offer a new kind of evolutive maintenance that allows the continuous improvement of the project.


  • Apps Performance Engineering
  • Software Architecture Design
  • Big Data Engineering


  • Mobile APP
  • Odoo ERP
  • Turbogears2 Development


  • Identity Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
  • User Experience


We’ve helped some fantastic clients to build some great products recently


High volume traffic site (2M visits per month). During the matches it reaches 150k concurrent users, so a huge effort was made to create a super cache. Each component was optimized! And it still works with just one http server!



One of our best architecture ever. High Availability and Geo distributed, Glossom is a social network of creative people (70k users) that does heavy media and multimedia manipulations in real time and asynchronous jobs. Some optimizations are made in C directly, that cooperates with the web application!


Tavola Clandestina

Our goal was to create an ecommerce b2c to allow an easy and joyful shopping experience. As the characteristics of the products varies from one to another, we build up an ecommerce on top of MongoDB to have a schemaless structure.



Proximity sensor with and without network Real-time heavy chat Immediate file transfers



Augmented reality tagging Remote telepresence with video streaming and chat Multitouch interactions


Jil Sander

Content management system by the client Heavy media loading, also on iPad 1 Timeline animations



AXEMAS is a multiplatform mobile development framework aiming at reducing the effort of software developers by creating a common codebase and environment for all the mobile platforms. Differently from PhoneGap and similar alternatives AXEMAS is meant for experienced Mobile Developers, not for Web Developers who want to start writing mobile apps.


Agorazein is TurboGears based website for conferences, it has been created to provide a ready made framework for people that want to set up a conference website in a bunch of hours.


ACRCms is an open source Python web content management system based on Turbogears and libacr. ACRCms is designed to let non technical people create and manage their web pages and thanks to its plugin system and libacr it is also easily extensible and embeddable in any web site using the Turbogears framework.


It's a fully featured e-commerce framework on top of MongoDB to have a schemaless structure. Made for the TurboGears2 web framework it's also a standalone wsgi application embeddable in any python web application.


The most simple advanced hosting solution. Simple WSGI Hosting with web interface One click wordpress One click install of your wordpress blog; One click ACRcms One click install of the powerful ACR CMS; Seamless MySQL Seamless MySQL database cluster; MongoDB cluster Support for MongoDB database cluster